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Located at the southern tip of Hainan Island and to the west of Hong Kong, Sanya City is the second largest city on Hainan Island covering an area of 1,919 sq. m with a population of 481,200 and having 19 bays and over 40 inlets lying along a beautiful 209km coast line.

Sanya has been eulogized as the "Hawaii of the East". Originally considered by the Chinese people to be the place where the civilized world officially ended. The Hainan of today is conversely abound with Chinese and foreign tourists and espoused by many as China's idyllic island paradise with room for everyone.

Sanya has multiple air lines and sea routes based at the Phoenix International Airport and the Sanya Port respectively. It is only a one hour flight from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, 2.5 hour flight from Shanghai, 3.5 hour flight from Beijing and a 6 hour flight from Japan or Korea. In recent years, more and more foreign tourists come to Sanya to spend their tropical vacations.

Map of Sanya, Sanya Map, more details click here on Sanya City, Hainan Island
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Dadonghai Bay
Dadonghai Location Map

Dadonghai beach is a very nice beach with soft white sand and lovely blue turquoise water gently rolling on to the sand, there is no surf, which makes it a very safe option for our tourists. It is the most popular tourist area in Sanya. Compared with the other two bays, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay, are the most active, dynamic and welcomed by tourists as the beach of choice as it is public not privately owned by the nearby hotels or resorts. Everyone can go to the beach and enjoy carefree swimming.

It is located 3 Kilometers southeast of downtown, and under Dear Park Hill. Dadonghai has a crescent-shaped beach 2.3 Kilometers long (about 1.4 miles) and lush green trees creating a very beautiful scene.

This famous beach is ideal for swimming, diving, beach sports, and sunbathing. There are designated swimming areas which are marked by floating balls and rope for your safety. It has everything to support seaside tourists, including a famous dive company "Red Coral Water Sports Center" that can provide scuba diving, ship diving, seabed strolling, speed boats, jet-skis, water-skiing, motorboats, luxury yacht, sail boats, ocean fishing, beach sports and underwater photography. Water temperature is about 24C degrees even in winter, hence its reputation as an idyllic spot for winter holidaying and relaxation.. Dadonghai is a wonderful outdoor swimming and sunbathing place. The thought of vernal sunshine and soft sea breezes you will be agreeably dissolved into the blue sky and seawater.

Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay Hotel Location Map

Situated about 30 km east of Sanya City and along the east expressway, Yalong Bay is situated on a crescent-shaped beach of about 7,000 sq m. It is Sanya's premier destination for fun in the sun, providing visitors with an irresistible combination of a world-class beaches, matchless swimming pools and diving centers, international resorts and superb golf facilities in one extraordinary package. The sea water off the beach is so clear that you can visibility see 8-16 m down, making it ideal for divers. As it is situated on the same latitude as Hawaii of the tropical monsoon area, it enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, with no distinct seasons and long stretches of warm spells. The average temperature year-round is 26C and has 7.1 average hours of daily sunshine year-round. The annual amount of rainfall is 1,063 mm. with water temperature averaging 24-26C and never dips below 22C.

With the finest facilities and ambience, the main beach resorts are sprayed out around Yalong Bay, which will offer you a great vacation experience. Those who prefer lounging by the pool to swimming in the sea will find pools of every size in the international resorts overlooking the beach.

Sanya Bay

Far end of Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay is a relatively undiscovered premier tropical destination. It enjoys the longest beach in Sanya. It has an easy access to Sanya International Airport, away from the flight paths, this superb location offers all possible creature comforts, you can find the world-class luxury of the Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Holiday Inn Sanya Bay and Tianfuyuan Resort, which will serve to please the most discerning visitors.

This is a great place to soak up the sun, relax and just enjoy the unique and relaxed ambience that dominates this unique place. The night market here is especially lively with seafood strewn on the streets, stores selling all types of weird and wonderful wares, all adding to the chaotic, mesmerizing feeling about this place. This is just about the only place in China with a really laid-back feeling and atmosphere. Whilst enjoying your private time, unlike many other locations, you will see more real life of the local people. During the daytime, scattered older people stand along the shore to fish. During the evening, a lot of local people sit under the palm trees and look at the vast South China Sea. The gentle breeze tenderly touches your soul and warms your heart. You can spend hours and hours just sitting still without doing anything. Some people also sit at the seaside barbecue stalls to entertain themselves. But compared to the beaches in Yalong bay and Dadonghai Bay, the beach here is not very suitable for swimming but you can still enjoy the sun and the sand. The international access of Phoenix Harbor is located here which makes the water murky.

Large overview of the 3 major bays

Map of Sanya City

Tour Map of Hainan Island, detailed map of Haikou City, click here
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Map of Hainan Island

District Map of Hainan Island and their capital cities


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