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Hi Sunny,

Thank you for asking, yes we are home safe and sound and happy to be here. Weather is perfect for the loads of dirty washing we brought home, 25 deg C and blue skies.Thank you for the foto, I will pass it onto Edward and will pass your regards for them as well. And thank you for you patience with us, taking us everywhere, it would not be the same without you.It is difficult to communicate if you go on your own, maybe in the future more young people will know more english language. Take care and hope the rest of this year is good for you in private and business as well.--Jana xoxo

Hi, Sunny, the trip was very well organised with good hotels, good food, great sightseeing and above all, 1st class, highly professional and knowledgeable guides. I have travelled to 30 countries over the past 15 years or so and must say this trip is one of the best! Jacky is one of the best, if not the best guide, I have ever met. He is very knowledgable, efficient, organised and obliging. A truly first class tour leader! Thank you! -- Michelle

Hi, Sunny & Jimmy,just a quick email to say how enjoyable the trip to Hainan was. We have visited the most famous scenic spots like Monkey Island, West Island, Wuzhizhou Island, our kids love them all, especialy the monkeys, so entertaining, leave us very memorable experience. Our tour guide Helen, she ensured everything was arranged for us in advance to make the whole trip very smooth. We will strongly recommend you continue to use her as part of your team. In addition your driver who helped us in and out of the airport was great. Very efficient and took all of the worry out of getting through immigration. All in all a fantastic team. Thank you again. --- Duken

Hi, Annie & Sunny,a big thank you to you for organizing my trip to Sanya last week. I had the most amazing time although the weather was not so good. Thank you so much for the wonderful one day tour to Five Finger Mountain, my husband and I really enjoy. We will definately be back in Sanya next year and will be in touch so that you can help me organize my trip again, thanks a lot! --- Mickey Yurchenko

Our trip in Sanya is over, and we will never forget your wonderful city. My family and me want to thank you and your company for the perfect organization and efficiency. The hotels you choose were excellent, the van is comfortable, and the driver is kind and expert. In a word, everything was OK. Many thanks for you all. --Graham

There I feel the need to thank you and your team for everything you did for us. It was a fantastic journey for all of my family. --Grayson

Hi, Sunny, I wanted to write and say how wonderful our guide Sophie was during our recent trip to Sanya. We had the most wonderful time, seeing the most amazing sites like Li & Miao Minority Village, Nantian Hot Spring, Yanoda Rainforest, most amazing place is Yalong Bay National Park. Sophie had take good care of us and making sure we were happy. She really was outstanding. I have already recommended this tour to my friends. It was a really wonderful once in a lifetime experience.Thank you so much for your all. --Fabian

Hi, Sunny, we would like to thank you for your excellent guiding skills while we were in Sanya Hainan. We had a great time, and were sad to leave- the time was far too short. We have been looking through the photos today, and the ones of Sunny and Sophie look fantastic. We will send them to you through email. Thanks again, and all the best in the future. --Frasier

Thank you so much for your wonderful arrangement, we really had good time in Sanya. Everything was so smooth. Thanks for sending us to Sanya Airport and free gift of special local tea. We will come back again for sure, and will contact you guys too. --Andres Zavitz

All the arrangements worked out well. We were very lucky to have had Annie as our tour guide - she did an excellent job. We enjoyed her company and she made the tour very memorable in terms of her shared knowledge and experience. We will surely return to Hainan, next time, we may choose to stay in Haikou or other places on Hainan Island. It was a pleasure doing business with you. --Maxine

hi there,We are home now and still recovering from jet lag. We enjoyed the tour very much and we were absolutely satisfied with your organization.Hotel was very comfortable and facilities were very nice for a 4 star hotel.All over,Thank you for making this trip wonderful.---Steve P.

Dear Sophie & Sunny:
Thanks for the fine arrangements. Everything went well; and we are back to Canada.Hoping to do the same next year in Sanya and Haikou. Will let you know when decided .Thanks again for the good work.Best Regards! ----Tony Lung

Sunny,thank you for you considerate arrange for our trip. Sanya is an exotic and relaxing seaside resort and a special mention must go to our exceptional guide for this visit. Sofia, She proved to be a very kind, friendly and warm individual, who was not only efficient and knowledgeable, but made us feel extremely relaxed and it was as though we had known her for years. Sofia is a also a extraordinary driver differing from most drivers in China. When the opportunity rises, I will love to go back to Sanya for the next holiday. You will be the first person we meet. Thanks again. ---Jane White

Hi Sunny,
we're really impressed by your thoughful plan during our visit in Sanya and appreciate your effort to make our journey more comfortable.we would not have such a perfect tour If not for you, . and the Nantian Hotspring is fantastic! BTW, Sophie is a really excellent driver. ---Sherry

Dear Sunny,
We are a group of four friends (2 couples) and have recently traveled to Sanya. Sunny,Sophie and Kate were always kind and made easy every moment of the trip.All of us are deeply convinced that we have discovered a wonderful place for all lovers of the sea.Thank, your advice was valid and decisive, then the next vacation I search your help yet with pleasure. ----Randall

Sophie and Sunny,
It was a pleasure to spend our holidays in such company. Sophie & Sunny was always smiling and constantly giving us tips :) We will be back and you will be the first people with who we will be in touch, as we are 101% sure that if you help us to organise our stay- it will be the best ever. To potential tourist- if you are on this website and consider which travel agency do u want. I will help- tuk tuk, global sanya as even in Sanya would be difficult to find such great quality service for such low price :) Thank you again:)? --- Gledhill and Deepa Shrikent, India

We will definitely be back and you will be the first person we contact. Sunny, there was nothing you could have done better, in our opinion all was fantastic. Even though the cruise line made it difficult for us to get off the ship. Sophie and Daisy still used their common sense and met us on the wharf, instead of meeting us as we got off the shuttle, as the cruse line wanted us to do, giving us an additional 30 minutes Hainan.
Look after yourself and will catch up in the future. -----Stephan

Dear Sunny & Brian,
Our first trip with Globalsanya Agency. We have traveled to China for several times, this time was one of our best trips in China. Thanks. --- from US Lary and Anderson

Hi Sunny!
Once in January 2009 I used your service when you helped me to book the Howard Johnson hotel for several nights while we were already staying there - my husband, son and myself. Thank you very much for that time!
Now a friend of mine who is in Russia now wants to come to Sanya and needs somebody who could help book hotel and airplane tickets. So I was wondering if I could offer her your help.--Regards Elena Sko

Hi! Sunny
Excellent holiday!.we have had exciting Water Rafting experience at the Five Finger MT, Its spectacular sport. Mangrove Tree Hotels has tranquil and wonderful environment.Thank for the professional work you have done. We would love to recommand your agency to our relative and friends. -- Donotreps' Family

Dear Sunny & Sophie
We had a wonderful holiday in Sanya during the National day period, I would be happy to write a testimonial for your website. Just wanted to let everyone know that we had a great time with sophie's help in getting everthing arranged. She is a really excellent guide, for her my gratitude not more than i can express in the words. So much thanks for you and Sophie. --Rordd

Sunny, Thanks for having everything arranged well. I am just wanted you to know that we had a wonderful Sanya travelling,thank Miss Sophie who drove us around mountainerous area. We enjoyed her company indeed. --Relory DV

Dear Sunny, we are missing Sanya Hainan! We had such a beautiful holiday. Thank you once again for all your efforts in ensuring our family enjoyed over time in Sanya. I have some friends who want to be travelling to Sanya in middle of Nov,2009. After hearing of the places we travelled through, they are very interested in seeing a copy of our itinerary and will contact you guys for a quote . --Yivene Jues, Canada

Dear Sunny & Sophie,
I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for the helps during my trip in Sanya, and for your work in contact agency in Shanghai for me. I really appreciate them. Thank you very much! Beat wishes, --Ross

Dear Sunny and Sophie, How are you guys doing? Thank you very much for your emails. What a pity that our trip is cancelled. I will find another time to come to travel in Sanya asap. Thanks again, and best wishes for you! --Ben

Dear Sunny, thanks your good services and your kind welcome. We think about you a lot and will always remember you - and the lovely times we had with you in Sanya.We hope to go to Sanya in the near future and would like to use your service then. Thanks! --Jack & Lily

Dear Sunny, Thank you very much for your helps in Sanya. I really appreciate it. Also thanks to Sophie and Global Sanya! --Kim

Dear Sophie & Sunny,
Thanks a lot for the assistance! It's you guys made our trip so easy and wonderful. I will come back, Absolutely, to this beautiful city of Sanya. See you guys. Thank you & Xiexie! --Rob from Australia

Dear Sunny and Sophie,
Thank you so much for your services. We am in Hangzhou now, and it's also a beautiful city as Sanya. Thank you and Globle Sanya Agency! Best Regards, --Dan & Chris

Dear Sunny and Sophie,I just want to say that I appreciate your helps. I hope eveything goes well with your agency.
Thank you and Best Regards --Jim from US

Dear Sophie & Sunny,
Thanks for your helps, which make our tirp in Sanya wonderful and unforgetable! BTW, some friends of mine will come to Sanya in Oct. Can you help me to guide them? They will contact you later since I have given them your email address. Thank you again and Best Wishes!          --Tom from Australia

Dear Sunny and Sophie, How are you doing? We are home now, I just wanna to thank you for your great helps during our staying in beautiful city of Sanya. I really appreciate it!  Thanks again and Best Wishes!   --The Greens

Dear Sunny: Thank you very much for the great time I had on Hainan! When I ever come back to Hainan(and I probably will), I will surely contact you again. Here are a little extra for all the efforts to make this holiday such a nice one. Do something nice with it! Bye Bye and Xiexie! PS. say hello and thanks to my intelligent driver Sophie! --Sandra from Germany

Dear Sunny & Susan Everything was really perfect. We were receiving the answers to our questions without any hesitation. No one mistake was done concerning the times of the flights, transfers etc. Everything that was indicated in our agreement was the same in the reality. All the payment were done without any problem. We will recommend Your travel agency to our friends in case of travelling to Sanya Hainan. Thank everyone again for your wonder job. Best regards. --Penny Crawford and Wayne Norman

Please accept our thanks for looking after us so well on our Holiday. It was a spectacular success. We would appreciate if you could pass on our special thanks to Susan who did everything with a smile and to perfection. We all agreed that he went way above the call of duty in his efforts to ease our passage through the minefield of Customs and transfers and that he is by far and above the best weve come across. Thanks again and hopefully youll be hearing from us soon. --Sarah Slaughter

Dear Sunny It has been since a week that we have returned to Singapore after our vacation in Hainan and we thought that we should send you this note to thank you for your outstanding and highly professional support in arranging our 8-days golf trip. We are glad to have you as our travel agency as we know that you have put in tremendous effort to ensure that our golf trip was smooth. We have really enjoyed our vacation and once again, THANK YOU! Best regards. --Derek Emerson

Sunny, we are really impressed with your assigned tour guide Jimmy. We enjoyed the trip very much and a large part of the extra difference is because Jimmy made us feel so comfortable and good from the minute he met us at Sanya Airport. Jimmy briefed us thoroughly on every detail. He took care of our every single request. He even carried our heavy bags for us. Our children simply loved him. Jimmy is great help. We will not hesitate to speak highly of your travel agency and your tour guide Jimmy. --Peter Eaton

Dear Sophie & Sunny, I have to let you know what a wonderful time we had on the 7 days tour of Hainan. What impresses us the most is Seven Fairy Mt. It is a good place for holiday, we enjoy the climbing and the hot spring there. Thank the driver Mr. Liu, who taking us to the local market in Baoting, it was the most interesting part of our journey. We have never seen such interesting local market here at home. We also enjoy our tour to the End of the Earth, the Monkey Island, and the zooThanks for a wonderful time and we look forward to another trip. --Walter G and Family

Dear Sunny, Thank you, thank you for booking us the hotels and flights, we did have great time this Winter in Sanya with the assistance of your company, although we have not been to many place, we enjoyed our time on the beach, it was so a great time to relax on the beach. We would love to come back to Sanya next summer, we will contact you definitely, have a great day! --Steven and Annemarie

Dear Sunny, the trip was perfect. Your service was beyond great. You knew what we need and want, you take such great care of us. Thank you so much for helping my son in the hospital. He was so appreciated your great help. You are an excellent tour agent, you save our time and money. Thanks so much! For our next trip, we would not even consider another travel agency! You are the one and only one we will turn to. Thank you indeed! --Bridie and Roberto

Well, we are impressed! We just returned from a 4 day trip to Sanya. I am amazed that the trip went so smoothly. Since we had limited time it was a great way to see a lot in a short period of time with the great assistance of Jimmy and Sunny. Thank you again for the great help of Global Sanya Work Team. --David Allen

I found Global Sanya Travel Agency through website and read the testimonials before decided to email you asking for tour information. I was very impressed with the prompt, informative and friendly responses from this company. It wasnt too long before we decided that Global Sanya Travel Agency would be our tour operator of choice. We also really appreciated the time Sophie (Sunnys sister) took to arrange a special tour to Nantian hot spring. We understood that the tour to Nantian Hot Spring was almost twice as long as it used to be, but Sophie was still willing to drive us there and back with no problems. I am already looking forward to arranging another Hainan tour with Global Sanya Travel Agency. --Chuck Lucas

Dearest Sunny Thank you most sincerely aslo your verp specila sister for taking such special care of us and making my birthday with the lovely birthday cake. Thank you so much! --Gary & Miss Zhang

Dear Sunny, I greatly appreciate the kindness and hospitality by you during my visit to Hanan with my customers. You organized everything very excellent. Our customers are very satisfied with this events, and it make us having a close relationship more than before. It was my great pleasure to have had the opportunity of knowing you and you people also. I hope I will have the opportunity of reciprocation your kindness in the very near future. Many thanks again, With Best Regards, -- Richard Choi

Well Sunny, thank you very much for your recommendation, it was the most exhilerating exciting experience ever. Thank you again. I have fallen in love with the truly beautiful island. I truly appricate that your timely message for tour info has brought me a very happy holiday in Sanya, the only trapical city in China. I will come back to Sanya soon, see you then. --Anthoey Sheng

We booked a few days on Wuzhizhou Island to celebrate my husbands (Tony) 60th birhday with my son (Peter) and his finace (Sarah). Sadly, whilst in Sanya, my Father-In-Law died. It was very sad and stressful for us all being so far from home. We decided to continue onto the Island, as our son had spent so long organising his Dad''''s birthday with the brilliant help of Sunnyxie. Sunny was so supportive and organised a special room for us with internet access for the first night, to notify relatives and make arrangements for the funeral, she also helped us book early flights home. Sunny also arranged outings and a special birthday meal for my husband. I don''''t know what we would have done without Sunny! She constantly sent us texts updating us with details and also phoning us to check things were going to plan. She helped us endlessly translate any queries with the hotel staff who didn''''t speak much English and double checked with them that all our needs were met. Sunny drove us to and from our destinations and was so kind and helpful to us. She was our Guardian Angel. We ended our visit by taking Sunny out for a most enjoyable meal in Sanya. We would whole heartedly recommend anyone to book a holiday with Globalsanya and if you are English, you too will find out what a lovely friend Sunnyxie is! Despite our sad news thanks to Sunnyxie we had a superb time. --Jane William

Hi, Sunny I thank you for your outstanding service. I was totally satisfied with the itinerary and all your selections from restaurant to entertainment show. The Ladyboy Show was fantastic. We really enjoy our days in Sanya. We have had a pleasurable and memorable Sanya trips! --Maggie

Dear Sunny,

Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for you. You pick us up on the arrival day and send us off on the departure day. You are always so attentive. Thank you for the tea you gave us. We will recommend your service to our friends.
I''''m sure we''''ll be in touch again soon for our next trip. Thank you --Janna

Hi, Sunny, How are you?
Thank you for your recommendation of hotel. Without you help, we can not have a unique and relaxing experience.

We have spent most of our time at the hotel. Mangrove Tree is a nice hotel, we would love to stay at the same hotel if we come back in the near future.

The only one tour to Seven Fairy Mount was really good. Please extend my gratitude to our guide Ben, the big boy. He is so kind and patient.

Yours sincerely, --Abdul

Hello Sunny,

It was you who made our Hainan trip so smooth and impressive. Thank you!

We have met so many friendly Chinese. Wherever we went, they always smiled to us. A simple word HELLO make us feel like home.

We were lucky to have you as our guide; your knowledge of your place just amazed us! You make our tours enjoyable and informative. Sanya is definitely a paradise resort for holiday; we will tell our friend about it, and recommend your service to them who intend to visit Sanya China.

Again, thank you! --Bob from Germany

Dear Sunny:

I don''''t know where to start. We had a very wonderful and amazing trip to Sanya China. Everything went perfectly and I can''''t say enough about your wonderful arrangements.

Thank you for your time to be with us throughout the five days. You couldn''''t have been more kind and more helpful.

The Hele Crab was really good. It was one of the best meals we have ever had. The trip to Nantian Hotspring is also very impressive, and left us a good memory. Many thanks to the driver (Mr. Wo?), he was kind and patient. The car is new, clean, so very comfortable.

Dear Sunny, we are back home now, but can not wait for next trip to Sanya. We will take your service in the future.

Best wishes to you and the driver. Sincerely, --Eliza & Tom

Hi Sunny. How are you?? It has been a while since we saw you at the Sanya Airport, and hope you are doing fine. We have had a wonderful trip through China including the few days in Sanya. Thank you again for your help and joyful presence, and you indeed brought some sunshine in the few rainy days that we had ...

All the best! --Paul

hi, Jason & Sunny, thank you for your help. We are British people. Before come to Sanya, we never thought Sanya could be so beautiful and has so many foreign tourists. Both of you speak good English, which make our Sanya trip so easy. Thanks heaps & heaps....

--Mr.&Mrs. Sherman

Dear Sunny, thank you so much for your generosity. Without your help, we might have had spend more money to stay worse hotel. You are really a good trip advisor for us, all the places you recommended are very impressing, especially the Seven Fairy Mt. We love the mountain and the huge big rock on its top. We are the sporty persons. BTW, Thank you for the fresh local fruit which we never taste before. What is the name, is it Rambutan or Rambuten? I do not remember. What I really want to say is that Sunny, we will back to Sanya one day. Tank you so much! --Susanna Johnston

Hello Sunny! How are you? I wanted to send you some lovely greetings from Germany and thank you for your help during my short stay in Sanya this summer! Without your kind support and advice I would have had to stay in that down-and-out "resort". It''''s still unbelievable that you managed to get me a room in another hotel just the same day!:D you were my rescuer haha :p. I had a blast in Sanya and I will certainly come back one day. (hopefully with my new boyfriend) There are still so many places I want to check out and of course food I wish to taste. Special thanks for helping me finding some good tea specialties and inviting me for dinner. I will never forget that day ;D, Best wishes, --Trang

Sunny, you have been an excellent tour guide/tour operator, Bola + myself have had a wonderful time on the excursions that you organized on our behalf. We also want thank Benny and "the Driver", we can not remeber his name, :-(, but he was a most excellent driver! You have my contact details. I know you will be busy, but I will stay in contact, and we will both be recommending you to people we meet/knows. Enclosed is a small gift to show appreciation of the services you have provided. We wish you all the best for the future and the best of luck for all you new business ventures! Kindest regards! --Adam & Bola

Dear Sunny, thank you so much for you introduce so many wonderful places to us. Your guides were top class. Their English was overall very good and we had no major problem to understand any of them. Their knowledge was also excellent and they could answer all our questions without any problems. They have a profound knowledge on Sanya, Hainan Island. If we will come back again, definately we will take your service again. Thank you so much for arrange everything so well for us. Thank the working team of Global Sanya Travel Agency. --David & Diane

First of all, I would love to say that the tour exceeded our expectations in many ways. The hotels and food were excellent, and your guide was professional and excellent. The knowledge of your tour guide was excellent. The tour was well paced and also flexible enough to cater for a few last minute changes. Thank you for all your perfect arrangement. --Bob & Julia

Sorry it has taken me so long time to reply you, thank you, Sunny for you have provided us so much information about Sanya Hainan Island. We have had a very special and memorable time during our stay in Sanya. Your arrangments are very well organized. Our conclusions are that we feel very lucky to have found your website of If we come back again to Sanya, we will let you arrange our trips again. We also will recommend your service to our friends. --Frank

It was straight back to work after our wonderful trip to Sanya Hainan Island. Our Hainan trip was one we will never forget. We love Sanya, we love swimming in the South China Sea. It is amazing place for us to visit. We really have a good time there. Although we only has a short stay in Dadonghai Bay, but it is also fun, we went to beach everyday with our two kids. They also enjoy the water a lot. If we will come back to Sanya, we will book other hotel in Yalong Bay, as we heard a lot about Yalong Bay. Of course, we will book through you as you can provide us the better price for accommodation. Wish you all the best. --Brad''''s family

Dear Sunny, We all remember you and we had great vacation. I will gladly recommend your services to all
my friends. I hope that I will also have someday change to come again to your beautiful island. I will but your internet address in finnish discussion forum, where people talk about travelling.

Greetings from Finland --Jussi Aaltonen

Dear Sunny, thank you so much for your recommendation of Marriott Spa & Resort, it is a so nice hotel. I love it, although the price is dear, but I think it is worthwhile. The beach is really nice with colorful tropical fish swimming freely under the seawater. We pretty much stay at the hotel, not been to the downtown yet. Thank you for your generous offer and your gift. We will tell our friend about your service and your website as well as it can help us to save some money with nice service. Thank you again. ---Doling & Malina

It is really an organized trip to sanya, Hainan Island, thank you so much for your arrange it. And thank the driver as well, who is very patient. We have sent some photos to you by attachment, pleae keep as memory. The Monkey Island is fun, I will recommend to my friends. Definately we will contact in the near future. All the best! --Anders & Kelly

Dear Sunny, Our trip was planned perfectly by you. We will both be using your services again, and will recommend your service to our friends. --Nadine

We had a wonderful time in Sanya. Our guide was great, always on time, happy and knowledgeable. We saw all the great attractions and yet we had enough free time for ourselves. Good mix of people on the trip as well. ---Danile

It was wonderful. This was my first trip abroad. Thank you for your efficient arrangements, above all, stress-free holiday. We love Yalong Bay a lot, would love to come back again. Thank you for your introduction of this nice beach to us. Best regards! --Jacobs

Hi Sunny,

I just wanted to let you know that Sanya was one of the best parts of my visitto China because of how great and easy you made it! If it wasn''''t for your good services and your kind welcome it would not have been the same, so thank you again for making it such a wonderful trip! --Jacky Hoffman 

Thank you dear Sunny, We had an excellent trip. The highligh was Nantian Hotspring. It is a wonderful place to be visited. Thanks for your excellent service and support. I would recommend it to all my friends. I hope to go to Sanya in the near future and would like to use your service then. Thanks! --Colum

Dear Sunny, thanks for kindness. We think about you a lot and will always remember you - and the lovely times we had with you - especially the time we all went swimming in the surf! --Jim &Janet

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We had a very enjoyable time in Hainan - Sanya. A very warm thank you to you for making the trip so memorable. you have been very helpful in recommending the tourist attractions suitable for our family and was flexible in accomodating to our needs.

We wish you all the best in Sunny Sanya with a happy amd prosperous future!

Best regards,

-----Lawrence Lee

Happy New Year 2007 wishes from Finland!! --Ari & Sari Halonen

Hi Sunny, thank you so much for you arrange our wonderful tour to Sanya. Anyway, we will be back. Hopefully see you again in Sanya- a very nice place. --Peter & Millie

Sunny, I really appricate your help with my holiday making in Sanya. I am glad you will be having moon cake day and National Holiday soon. I have read the history of those days. They are very important. I hope everything is going well for you and thanks for your help.Take care. ---David

There, it is a wonderful trip for us. We never could have had so good tour without your help. The Seven Fairy Mt. is gorgeous and magnificent. If we could visit Sanya again, we would like you as our guide agian. Thank you, Sunny! --Juss Rantal

It was the first time that we had booked through Global Sanya Travel Agency and we were very impressed. Good service and good value for money. Thank you! --Tom

I was very pleased with your service. It was the first time I have booked my holiday with agency in China, in Hainan. The hotel you recommended was quite nice with excellent service and hotel facilities. The dining place under your recommendation is good with reasonable price but delicious food. I would love to tell my friends all about these, and of course will recommend your service. They will be very happy as you could provide all the useful information to us. Thank you indeed! --Timmy & Kat

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