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Hainan Flavor Snacks

Explore Hainan, find the authentic local specialties. There are many kinds of snacks on this tropical island such as coconut soup, glutinous rice made cakes, different kinds of rice noodles, snails and sweet potato etc. The following are some of them listed by us. Hopefully it will be helpful for you to know more about the snacks in Hainan.

Spicy snails

Meat stuffed dumplings

Three-color rice, originated from Miao Minority

Enjoy the delicious snacks

Treasured soup

Leaves-wrapped glutinous rice

Coconut flavor soup

Delicious Bamboo Rice

Rice powder steamed cake

Pickle vegetables

Local sweet potatoes

Fired rice noodles for breakfast

Hainan Baoluo Rice Noodle
Hainan Baoluo Rice Noodle is one of the most popular food for local people. It is very delicious with many kinds of ingredient in it like peanut, beef and vegetables.

Sour Rice Noodle
The sour rice noodle is popular in Lingshui County which is one hour driving from Sanya. Locals have this their breakfast

Sea Urchin
Sea Urchin can be in different shapes such as ball shape, half-ball shape and heart shape. Cut off a part of sea urchin, and fill it with scrambled egg, then steam the staffed urchin, serve it when it is ready.


Seafood porridge
The porridge cooked with seafood is very popular especially for late supper.


Roast Suckling Pig
Very small young pig around 5 KG each.


Hainan Rice Noodle
Hainan Rice Noodle is different from Hainan Baoluo Noodle as it is smaller in strips with different seasonings. Many local people also have it as their breakfast with some peanuts and garlic.

Try it when it is hot, very delicious, but very expensive. When we think some one had a very expensive meal, we will ask: so you had Abalone and Lobster.

Nanshan Vegetarian Food
All Buddhism nuns and monk eat only vegetarian food, so you could try best of them in Nanshan Buddhism culture center.

You can order the fried mussel with garlic or steamed ones with garlic.

Popular way to cook is to make soup with Clam which is good especially in hot and humidity weather

Wenchang Chicken
Maybe this is the most well known dish in Hainan Island. You could also find it in Singapore, Malaysia where a lot of hainan people living. The meet is very tender. Best way is to boil, then serve with a special sauce made of ginger, soysauce, garlic etc. You must try it in Sanya Hainan Island during your stay. You will find in most of the hotels and local restaurants

Xiangba Mussel
The mussel produced in Hainan is much bigger. The best way is to steam with garlic.

Fried Prawn
The deep fried prawns are served with pepper salt. It is very crispy; you can eat all with the skin.

Very tender. It is a very elegant dish. The most popular way to cook is to steam with garlic.

Dongshan Lamb
Dongshan Lamb is one of four famous Hainan dishes named after the producing area Dongshan Mountain, Wanning City. The local people cook the lamb in two ways: Braise or deep fry.

Hele Crab
Hele crab, which is named after Hele Town in Qionghai, is one of the four most well-known local specialties in Hainan. The most popular two ways to cook it are: stir-frying with ginger and spring onion, or just boil and then eat with sauce mixed of soy sauce and garlic.

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