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Shopping in Sanya, Find the Specialty for Your Friends, Colleagues and the Beloved


Sanya as one of the most popular tourist destinations, here has everything to offer to you. Several supermarkets are just around the corner. Summer Mall is the biggest one supermarket in Dadonghai area. One-pro Supermarket, Yifang (һ) Supermarket, Wanghao ()Supermarket and Tianhong () Supermarket are on Jiefang No. 1 Rd. downtown area. Like other tourists, you might be bombarded by the sea of various kinds of products, souvenirs and tropical specialties. Your first impress scroll the mouse-wheel to change the view scale, click the left mouse button to maximize the view scaleion may be see it, buy it. No matter where you go or what you buy, whether in street stalls or specialty shops, remember to bring your hard bargaining face. Crafty vendors are more than happy to lighten your cash load.

Here you can find all the tropical products ranging from inexpensive items such as straw hats, coconut shell products, seashell ornaments for ladies (all these only cost 1-3USD) to valuable products such as pearl and cosmetics.

Odds are slim that youll leave without buying pearls. Local women wearing floppy straw hats and colorful, loose fitting pants wander up and down Dadonghai beach at all hours of the day carting baskets overflowing with bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Whether you like your necklaces long, short, delicate, pink, white, black or lavender, these ladies have them all. Even if you have resolutely decided you don''t want to buy, these women think nothing of plopping down beside you, making small chat and waiting you out; before you know it your limbs will be covered in multicolored strings of pearls, regardless if you initially wanted them. The pearls sold on the beach are a mix of rejects from factories and cheap fakes. The women will scratch the pearls to show you their authenticity. If the color flakes off, they''re fakes. A real pearl will produce pearl powder when scratched, but the color and surface won''t be damaged. However, be warned that there are great imitations out there that can fool even the most discerning of eyes. Be sure to bargain hard, as the women will try to charge exorbitant prices. Never pay more than 25 percent of the initial price. If you doubt your eagle eye, it''s best to head to one of the larger factories. Try the Heren Pearl Shop, where you can watch the entire pearl cultivation process and view exhibitions. If you like what you see, you can buy away. In terms of color, there are pink pearl, white pearl, light yellow pearl and black pearl. White one is the most comment one while the black one is the most valuable one. According to the cultivations condition, there are classified into two categories, seawater pearl and fresh water pearl. The former are better than the later one as seawater pearl has higher quality with round shape and even color. Using pearl to produce some cosmetics is the creation of hi-tech. Pearl cream and powder are popular among the young ladies. The pearl powder is supposed to keep skin soft, wrinkle-free and young. Most department stores and cosmetic shops sell a number of brands of pearl cream, lotion and poweder. If you've spent a long day in the sun and come away from the beach with a bad burn, several specialized pearl lotions work to prevent peeling. The famous location brand is Hairui brand. l  scroll the mouse-wheel to change the view scale, click the left mouse button to maximize the view scale

Step into almost any souvenir shop or supermarket in Sanya and you''ll be greeted by wooden barrels brimming with all manner of fruit and coffee flavored sweets. The coffee candies make for a great subtle caffeine fix while the coconut hard candies are smooth and creamy. If you prefer something to chew on, try the soft coconut and mango gummy candies - these juicy little squares are bursting with exotic island flavors. If you like what you taste, buy a bunch, stuff your carry on and take them back as gifts for friends, colleagues and relatives.  

If you can brave the smell, wander through Sanya''s dried seafood markets. Squid, tuna, mackerel, shrimp, scallops and other unidentifiable creatures look like they swam up from the darkest depths of the ocean only to land on the table of a fanatical drier. Supposedly some of these dehydrated delicacies have medicinal properties. The dried sea snake c scroll the mouse-wheel to change the view scale, click the left mouse button to maximize the view scalean reduce fevers and improve blood circulation. Sea cucumbers (there are over 18 species in Hainan ) are high in protein and are used in many traditional Chinese medicines. Reconstituting these sea creatures so that they''re edible can require from one hour to even one day of preparation, involving a witches brew recipe of soaking, simmering and boiling. If you want dried products that are easier on your nose, try the dried coconut, mango, pineapple and bananas.

Hainan is the only place in China produces coffee and pepper. The breezy slopes of Hainan make for prime coffee and pepper growing conditions. Xinglong Coffee has been sold to mainland China , which is grown in Xinglong area. Hainan ''s white and black pepper is also well known and perfect for spicing up home cooking. Local tea has bitter tea, vanilla tea, rice tea, green tea. Among them, bitter tea is good for lessening inner heat, and detoxification.


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