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Sanya Seafood, good seafood in Sanya, find a place to eat, dining in Sanya, Hainan Island

Where to eat, find a good restaurant in Sanya, Hainan

Mediterranean Restaurant

The new restaurant is called "Mediterranean Restaurant". It offers authentic food from the Mediterranean countries: Italian pizza and pasta, Spanish tapas, Greek grilled meat and barbeque fish, Arabic sauces and spices, Turkish desserts and so on...

It also has choice of vegetarian dishes and a non-smoking area.

Drinks menu is equally extensive, encompassing fruit juices, teas, Italian coffee and cappuccino, imported beers, international cocktails and a wine list offering fine wines from French, Italy and Spain.

The decor is also in Mediterranean style, with an Arabic entrance gate and white-washed low walls like in the Greek islands.

A whole section of the restaurant is furnished with colorful sofas and transparent tapestries and it represents our shisha and cocktails lounge: a place to relax after the meal or to drink in the company of friends, listening to good music and maybe smoking one of our Arabic water pipes (shisha).

Different food selections from Mainland China

The wonderful Dongbei cooking from northwest China is very popular with its special dumplings and hand-made pasta. The unique dumplings are like none other in China - stuffed with eggs, shrimp, pork, beef and wild mountain vegetables. Some of Sanya''s best Dongbeiren (Northeast People) restaurants include Dongbei Ren, Jiao Zi Wang and Dongbei Jiao Zi Cheng.

Sanya also has a unique type of vegetarian cooking that originates from the Longhua Buddhist Temple in Shanghai. It uses local fruits, flowers and sea vegetables. Visit the Yuanqi Mansion Restaurant in the Nanshan Cultural Tourism zone for a large variety of these vegetarian dishes.

Minority cuisine

Specialties of the Li and Miao people include bamboo rice and coconut soup.Also from the Li, come unique Wuzhi mountain specialties featuring organic vegetables, wild duck and five feet pig. Hui Minority people living in Phoenix town offer different taste of beef and mutton. It is said that the Huis are the offspring of Arabs from the 16th century who did business along the Water Silk Road from Quanzhou. They married the local Li people but retained their Muslim customs and their own cuisine.


Four famous local dishes

The most famous 4 local dishes are: Wenchang chicken from Wenchang city which is known for its tender meat and succulent bone marrow; Dongshan lamb or mutton named after Dongshan Mountain; Jiaji duck from Qionghai city with a special ginger, soy and pepper sauce; and Hele Crab from Wenchang city, which is best served steamed to retain its fresh flavor. There are several good examples of restaurants serving these specialties in Sanya.

Seafood Hotpot

The open-air seafood hotpot restaurants are crowed with a lot of local people in the evening. During the day, fishermen and shellfish collectors make their rounds with fresh catches and as the sun goes down, you will see these scrumptious offerings on display. A delicious array of sauces is offered along with a plentiful supply of beer


International cuisine

Beside local delicacies, many foreign foods are available. Each of the resorts in Yalong Bay has their offerings of international cuisine. All the five-star hotels such as?Sheraton, Marriott, Gloria, Holiday Inn, Golden Palm, Horizon, Hilton and Mangrove Tree have international restaurants. For Thailand food, go to Mangrove Tree, for Korea food, go to Horizon Resort, for?Japanese food go to Crowe plaza resort or Marriott Resort.

There are hundreds of restaurants in Sanya, you can find everywhere. We have checked out some of them and recommend the following for you.

Name: Dongjiao Yelin or Coconut Grove Restaurant

Food: Best of local food and Seafood

Location: Dadonghai

You can find the authentic four famous Hainan food, the fine wine and cocktail, various kind of seafood available with English name.


Name: Yuanxinglong Restaurant

Food: Very good seafood, local specials, various kinds of wild vegetable

Locationa: Sanya Bay, Close to Tianze Beach Hotel

Yuanxinglong Restaurant is just right in front of Phoenix Island and along Sanya Bay with a fantastic ocean view. It is convenient to everywhere, behind it is downtowns shopping center.

Name: Dongbeiren Restaurant

Food: Dumplings, Noodles and Northern Food

Location: XiayangtianSanya, 5 minutes from Dadonghai and Downtown area.

The atmosphere is very warm with a lot of dcor are in red, even the waitress are dressed in red and flowery clothes.

Menu: No English menu available, but you can choose on-spot without any difficulty.


Name: Winner Pizza

Food: Western set, Hawaii Pizza, American Pizza, Vegetable Sorted Pizza.

Location: No.1, Jiefang Road

They offer very good Pizza big enough for two persons to share. You can order a cup of coffee or fresh fruit juices, or they will give you a complementary red tea or green tea. A good place to have your familiar dish away from home.


Food: Seafood, Local Hainanese Cuisine, Hunan Spicy Food

Location: Dadonghai, on the second floor of Linda Sea View hotel

It is facing the vast ocean of South China Sea, very good location.The restaurant has English Menu available with pictures.

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