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Introduction of Sanya:
Located at the southern tip of Hainan Island and to the east of Vietnam, Sanya City is the second largest city in Hainan Isalnd covering an area of 1.919 sq. m with a population of 481,200 and having 19 bays and over 40 islets lying along a 209 kilometers coast line.
Sanya has been eulogized as "the Hawaii of the East". Originally considered by the Chinese to be the place where the civilized world officially ended, the Hainan of today is visited with Chinese tourists and espoused by many as China's idyllic island paradise.
Sanya has multiple air line and sea routes based at the Phoenix Internaional Airport and the Sanya Port respectively. It is only one hour flight from Hong Kong and Guangzhou, 2.5 hours flight from Shanghai, 3.5 hours flight from Beijing and 6 hours flight from Japan and Korea.

Most tourists who come to Hainan skip the commercialized port capital of Haikou and make a beeline straight for Sanya, the seaside city where all the good things about Hainan come together. Sanya is well known for its wonderful sunshine, white sandy beaches, fresh air and clear water all year round and tourism is the main industry of the city. It is the largest diving destination in the world as well as the most important destination for golf and meetings in China.
Sanya boasts the best air quality in China and ranks second in the world, next to Hawaii. Sanya has endless summer with an average temperature of 26° C. The yearly sunshine time totals 2.563 hours and the yearly average rainfall is up to 1,279mm. It is considered to be the most suitable city for people to live in. Sanya people enjoy and average life-span of 80 years, ranking the highest in China. Snaya offers blue sky and an azure sea for people coming from all over the world.

Sanya is located at the southernmost tip of Hainan, where the South China Sea laps the island's sandy shores. In Sanya, travelers will find three distinct options for accommodation: Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay and Sanya Bay.
Yalong Bay is 30 minutes from downtown Sanya. There are no local restaurants or markets, as most guests prefer to dine in the hotel restaurants and arrange activities through the hotel concierge.
Just 2km from downtown Sanya, the Dadonghai beach area is brimming with local life. The area attracts many Chinese and Russian tourists to its more modestly priced hotels.
A relatively undiscovered tropical destination, Sanya Bay provides visitors with the longest beach bay in Hainan. While similar, Sanya Bay is not as popular as Dadonghai Bay, making this area a good value for the money.

With an abundance of fresh catches of the day, seafood is very popular among visitors to Sanya. Customers can pick their own and have it cooked to personal perfection at most local restaurants. The four most famous dishes in Sanya are Wenchang Chicken from Wenchang city which is known for its tender meat and succulent bone marrow; Dongshan Lamb or mutton; Jiaji Duck from Qionghai city with a special ginger, soy and pepper sauce; and festive crab, also from Wenchang city, which is best served steamed to retain its fresh flavor. There are several good examples of restaurants serving these specialties between Jie Fang Er Lu and Jj Xiang Lu and Xin Feng Lu.
·Chunyuan Seafood Square: near City Park, Hexi Lu
·Dong Jiao Ye Lin Seafood: Yuya Avenue, Dadonghai Bay

Through it's enticing to spend all your Sanya time sunbathing on the beach, the vicinity offers several interesting day trips, many of which are perfect for families with children.
In order to make the most of your time and avoid tourist traps like the staged "minority" villages, it's recommended to organize private, small group tours through your hotel or with a reputable tour company. Going with a large group tour will undeniably mean lots of unwanted stops and being herded like cattle to every kind of pearl, crytal and jade factory possible.
The best experiences usually com from either footing it yourself intrepidly or going with a small group tour which has flexible, tailor-made itineraries and guides who will take you to see the true heart of Sanya: unrehearsed, natural and factory free.

Nantian Hotspring
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