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Golf--the game for nobilities, for grace, for elegance, Hainan Island Golf Clubs

Hainan Island Golf Club, Best Quality Golf Club in China

Yalong Bay Golf, Sun Valley Golf, Sanya International Golf, Haikou Golf

The Enduring Charm of Hainan Island Golf

Sanya the only tropical city in the southern tip of China , enjoys monsoon climate with average temperature of 24-28, daylight of more than 300 days of a year. It is often called the Oriental Hawaii with north altitude between 18°9' and 18°7'. Haikou at the capital city of Hainan offers you sub-tropical climate. Both places have rapidly developed into a loadstone for international golfers.

There are 24 golf clubs on the whole island: 8 in Sanya, 11in Haikou , 2 in Boao Area, 2 in Xing Long, and one in Baoting County.

Hainan Golf Clubs Plain Map

Sanya has Yalong Bay Golf Club (China's Top 10 Golf Club), Sun Valley Golf Club (the first par 6 in China)

Sanya International Golf Club (the first international golf club in Sanya) to present you the world-class Championship courses with diversity,unexpected challenge and picturesque landscapes.

Yalong Bay Golf Club The best golf club in China is stone-throw distance from Sheraton Resort,

Marriott Resort, Gloria Resort and Mangrove Tree Resort. Our best offer at RMB850/person for two players,and RMB950/person for single player including green fee, caddie/person, cart/two person, service charge and insurance, the supplement on weekends (Sat.&Sun) at RMB40.

Sun Valley Golf Club The only one Par 6 in China with 10 minutes driving from best beach resorts inYalong Bay Horizon Resort, Crowne Plaza Resort, Golden Palm Resort and Universal Resort. Our best offer at RMB880/person for two players, and RMB980/person for single player including green fee,caddie/person, cart/two persons,service charge and insurance, the supplement on weekends (Sat.&Sun.) at RMB50.

Yalong  Bay Golf Club   
Sun Valley Golf Club
Hainan Dongshan Golf Club
Hainan Moonbay Golf Club
Hainan IBL Golf Club 
Ocean Bay Golf Club     
Nanli Lake International Golf Club  
Wenchang Golf Club

Clear Water Bay Golf Club
Sanya Luhuitou Golf Club
Sanya Haitang Bay Golf Club
Hainan Meilan Golf Course
Moon Bay Golf Course
Sanya Haitangwan Peninsula Golf
Hainan Shenzhou Peninsula Golf Club
LinShui XiangShuiWan Fragrant Bay Golf Course

Hainan Guyantian Salt Field Golf Course
Hainan White Stone Hot Spring Golf Course
Hainan Beautiful Romantic Bay Golf Club
Baoting Ningyuan Golf Club
R&F Mangrove Bay Golf Club Haikou

Haikou Three Miles Golf Club
Meishi Mayflower International Golf Club
Hainan Sanya International Golf Club
West Coast Golf Course
Hainan Tai Dah Golf Club
Kangle Garden International Golf Club
Boao Golf Country Club
Sun River Golf Club
BFA International Convention Center Golf Club

Dragon Valley Golf Club
Sanya Forest Valley Golf Club
Qixianling Golf Course
Mission Hill Golf Course Hainan
Hainan Mystic Springs International Golf Club
Jian Lake Blue Bay Golf Club

Haiken Qixianling International Golf Club
Hainan TianXia Sky Valley Golf Club
Haikou Nanyanghe Primitive Golf Club
Hainan Shanqin Bay Golf Club

Hainan ShuangShengShan Golf Club

Lanyang Hot Spring Golf Course Danzhou

The Enduring Charm of Hainan Island Golf Sanya/Haikou Hainan Island Good Money Value Golf Package

Golf package including green fee, caddie fee, cart/2 sharing, insurance, service charge

Area Golf Course Package Price
Haikou Mission Hill 1night+1golf (North) RMB1350/person based on 2 players
1night+1golf (South) RMB1180/peson based on 2 players
3nights+3golf RMB3600/person based on 2 players
Meishi May Flower 1night+1golf RMB880/person for one player
1night+2golf RMB1400/person for one player
Qionghai BoAo BFA Forum Hotel+BFA 2night+2golf RMB1680/person for one player                RMB1280/person based on two players
Baishiling  2night+2golf RMB880/person based on two players
Shenzhou Peninsula  Sheraton Hotel + Shenzhou 1night+1golf RMB1880/person for one player                RMB1480/person based on two players
Four Points + Shenzhou 1night+1golf RMB1190/person based on two players
Xing Long Kangle Hotspring 1night+1golf RMB890/person based on two players
Ling Shui Clear Water Holiday INN 1night+1golf RMB1880/person based on two players 
Jian Lake Blue Bay 1night+1golf RMB2600/person for one player
Westin Hotel + Jian Lake Blue Bay 1night+1golf RMB2999/person based on two players 
Yalong Bay Golf Club 1night+1golf RMB2080/person for one player
Yalong Bay Golf Club + Yalong Bay + Sun Valley 1night+2golf RMB3600/person for one player
Bao Ting Seven Fairy Mt.  1night+1golf RMB890/person based on two players
Seven Fairy Mt. Golf Club + Ningyuan Golf Club 2night+2golf RMB1580/person based on two players

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