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Shanghai Airport, Shanghai flights, Shanghai Air Ticket, Discount flights from Shanghai

Shanghai has two airport, one is Pudong International Airport, the other is Hongqiao International Airport. Pudong International Airport is located in the east of Shanghai, covering an area of 40 km2, about 30 km away from the city center, and about 40 km away from Hongqiao International Airport.

Shanghai Airport, Shanghai flights

Project Phase I of Pudong Inter- national Airport started officially in Oct. 1997 and completed in Sep. 1999. Project Phase I has one 4E South-north runway (4000m×60m), two parallel taxiways, 800,000 m2 apron, seventy-six aircraft positions, 50,000m2 cargo warehouse, and also equipped with the system of navigation,

The terminal building of Pudong International Airport is composed of two parts, i.e. main building and long terminal concourse, both 3-storey structured, and connected by two passages. The building covers an area about 280,000 m2, with thirteen conveying luggage belts and twenty-eight boarding bridges; the area of food & drinks facilities and other leasing service facilities reaches 60,000 m2.

Currently, Pudong International Airport has accommodated an average aircraft movements over 400 times per day, already accounting for approx. 60% of the total aircraft movements of Shanghai. And it is serving for about 50 domestic and foreign airlines, connecting with over 70 international and regional destinations and 60 domestic destinations.

Hongqiao International Airport is located in the western suburbs of Shanghai, only 13 kilometers away from the city center. For many years, it has always been an alternative name of Shanghai airport. Since 1996, Hongqiao International Airport has consecutively won the first prize among airport group with an annual passenger throughput of over eight million in the "Passengers Poll for Civil Aviation" activities organized by China's civil aviation industry.

Hongqiao International Airport has one runway(3400m * 57.6m ) and one taxiway, about 486,000 m2 apron and a total of 66 aircraft positions. Its advanced infrastructure facilities and various navigation, communication and security systems can accommodate all kinds of airplanes in the world. After the airport authority successfully transferred international and regional flights from Hongqiao Airport to Pudong Airport, Hongqiao International Airport still keeps the standby capacity for landings of international flights, while accommodating landings and take-offs of domestic flights.

The terminal of Hongqiao International Airport covers an area of 82,000 m2 , with 15 waiting halls, 18 VIP lounge and 15 luggage-conveying belts. Currently, Hongqiao International Airport accommodates an average of over 300 aircraft movements per day, and safe operation is better guaranteed.

lowest airfares offered by local air tickets office:

Domestic flights depart from Shanghai
Departures Start from RMB Departures Start from RMB
Shanghai-Shanya 670 Shanghai-Kunming 860
Shanghai-Beijing 550 Shanghai-Zhuhai 800
Shanghai-Shenzhen 800 Shanghai-Xiamen 580
Shanghai-Changde 630 Shanghai-Changsha 460
Shanghai-Chongqing 700 Shanghai-Chengdu 910
Shanghai-Wulumuqi 1220 Shanghai-Wuhan 470
Shanghai-Haikou 600 Shanghai-Sanya 670
Shanghai-Qunming 1050 Shanghai-Haerbing  
Shanghai-Guilin 670 Shanghai-Nanchang 380
Shanghai-Taiyuan 700 Shanghai-Beihai 740
Shanghai-Baotou 780 Shanghai-Jinan 480
Shanghai-Huhehaote 640 Shanghai-Guiyang 740
Shanghai-Nan'ning 770 Shanghai-Liuzhou 690
Shanghai-Haikou 680 Shanghai-Dalian 740
Shanghai-Guangzhou 740 Shanghai-Fuzhou 410
Shanghai-Changchun 740  
Remarks: for domestic flights, pay extra RMB130, all are inclusive, airport tax and fuel surcharge, airefares include all taxes.To book your flights,please email us at
International flights depart from Shanghai
Shanghai-Tokyo 1640 Shanghai-Sydney 5030
Shanghai-Nagoya 1390 Shanghai-Vancouver 4480
Shanghai-Fukuoka 1550 Shanghai-Paris 4860
Shanghai-Auckland 10150 Shanghai-Frankfurt 4860
Shanghai-Melboune 5450 Shanghai-London 4150
Shanghai-Taibei 3150 Shanghai-Busan Korea 2650
Shanghai-Seoul 2650 Shanghai-Kuala Lumpur 2350
Shanghai-Bangkok 2250 Shanghai-Singapore 2450

Shanghai-Los Angeles
3380 Shanghai-San Francisco/Seattle/Chicago 3380
Remarks: for international flights,exclusive of airport tax and fuel surcharge, fares are subject to final confirmation.To book your flights at best price,please email us at

Shanghai to Sanya flights, Shanghai Airfare, Discount flights from Shanghai, Shanghai flights hot deals


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