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Guangzhou Flights, Guangzhou Airfare, Discount flights of Guangzhou departures

We offer the best discount airfares, discount flights, cheap flights from Guangzhou as we have a close cooperation relationship with the airlines in Guangzhou. All the flights rates are subject to final confirmation. Advance book is necessary for special rates of your flights.

Guangzhou Airport Location: Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is located on the border of the northern Renhe Town, Baiyun District, and the eastern Xinhua Town, Huadu District. It is about 28 km (17.4 miles) from the airport to downtown Guangzhou.

It is one of the three largest air hubs in China. Opened to the public on August 5th, 2004, it occupies an area of 15 square kilometers (about 5.8 square miles). It has a 4E standard flight area, two runways and a terminal of 320 thousands square meters (about 79 acres). Serving more than 110 air routes from Guangzhou to over 100 domestic and international cities, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has an average annual passenger flow volume of about 25 million.

Currently there are more than 40 domestic and foreign airlines operating in Baiyun International Airport, which has more than 120 regular domestic routes and nearly 50 international routes, connecting more than 140 cities and regions all over the world. Baiyun international Airport also serves as transfer center for both domestic routes and the cross-continental lines connecting Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania.

Guangzhou Airport, Guangzhou Flights

Departures of Guangzhou Airport

guangzhou airport

Scene inside the Guangzhou Airport

In 2006, the passenger throughput was 26.206 million and cargo throughput was 653,100 tons. In 2010, Guangzhou Baiyun international Airport is expected to develop 50 new international routes, and handle around 2 million tons of cargo and 40 million passengers annually. At that time, Baiyun Airport will be developed to be one of the key comprehensive hubs of Asia Pacific. The throughput of the passengers, cargo and mail of Baiyun Airport will rank in the top 20 and 15 respectively all over the world.

Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou Harbor and Metro constitute a transportation hub basis for ground, sea and air, which offers an efficient and convenient modern integrated transport network.

Domestic flights depart from Guangzhou Guangzhou-Nanjing 340+110
Departures Start from RMB Guangzhou-Chongqing 400+110
Guangzhou-Changsha 300+110 Guangzhou-Kunming 480+110
Guangzhou-Beijing 610+110 Guangzhou-Lanzhou 670+110
Guangzhou-Wuhan 290+110 Guangzhou-Guiyang 270+110
Guangzhou-Shanghai 360+110 Guangzhou-Chengdu 430+110
Guangzhou-Zhengzhou 440+110 International flights depart from Guangzhou
Guangzhou-Wuhan 290+110 Departures Start from RMB
Guangzhou-Hefei 310+110 Guangzhou-St.Paul 12800
Guangzhou-Zhangjiajie 320+110 Guangzhou-Jakarta 2400
Guangzhou-Yinchuan 670+110 Guangzhou-Bangkok 1700
Guangzhou-Xi'ning 750+110 Guangzhou-Kuala Lumpur 2300
Guangzhou-Shanghai Hongqiao 360+110 Guangzhou-Singapore 2200
Guangzhou-Taiyuan 390+110 Guangzhou-Ho Chi Minh 2200
Guangzhou-Xi'an 460+110

Remarks: for domestic flights, all are inclusive, airport tax and fuel surcharge, airefares include all taxes, but not apply to international flights.To book your flights,please email us at

Guangzhou-Hangzhou 420+110
Guangzhou-Wulumuqi 1240 +110

In the future, Baiyun International Airport will be the traffic center and commuter transportation hub for various forms, such as highway, railway, metro, Light Rail Transit (LRT), China Railway High -Speed (CRH) and so on. Therefore, effective transfer and bridging between Baiyun International Airport and the cities in the Pear River Delta and Pan-PRD will come into realize.

The airside of Baiyun Airport has excellent qualifications. There are more than 100 gates and above 10 gates for passenger and cargo aircraft respectively. Two parallel runways in the east and west are in operation simultaneously, with navigation grade 4F and 4E respectively. Thus Baiyun Airport is the first airport available for landing and take-off of A380 in China mainland.

There are 228 check-in counters operating efficiently at Baiyun Airport. The air catering center has strong ability to provide quality catering service for passengers. A five level baggage security check system is installed.

There are two existing domestic air cargo terminals, covering 160,000sqm, with an annual handling capacity of 1.2 million tons and an Grade 1 international Cargo Warehouse (32,000sqm, with annual handling capacity of 300,000 tons.

By the end of 2007, the International Neutral Cargo Terminal (a 40,000sqm grade 1 cargo terminal and 40,000sqm grade 2 warehouses) will be completed. Ten cargo stands will be constructed at the same time. In the north area neighboring FedEx Asia-Pacific Hub, a 56,000sqm international neutral cargo terminal will be built.

Guangzhou Flights, Guangzhou Airfare, Guangzhou Airport, Discount flights of Guangzhou departures, Guangzhou flights deals, Guangzhou to Sanya flights.


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