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Departure Time


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1950/round trips





1 hrs, 40 min

1600/round trips

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Phoenix International Airport Sanya opens domestic and international flight routes for friends from far or near. Non-stop flights are available from major cities of China, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hangzhou etc. It takes 70 minutes to fly from HongKong and 80 minutes from Guangzhou. The airport expanded in January, 2007. During the peak season, it receives thousands of tourists daily. It is convenient to the city centre a short 15 minute drive, to Dadonghai 20 minutes and to Yalong Bay by 30 minutes..

Phoenix International Airport Sanya Phoenix International Airport Sanya
Entry of Terminal Hall of Phoenix Airport Bird eyes’ View of Phoenix Airport

Meilan Airport Haikou is another international airport in Hainan. It has more domestic and international flights to offer as it opened much earlier than Phoenix Airport. Tiger Airline has frequent flights available with TR942 / TR943. From the airport to Haikou City, it takes 30 minutes along the way of Holiday Beach. From Haikou to Sanya by bus, it takes 3.5 hours.

Meilan Airport Haikou, flights booking Meilan Airport Haikou, flights booking
Red-roof building of Meilan Airport Panoramic view of Meilan Airport

There is no much English information about domestic flights in China. I have worked out a list of flights from the major cities: Beijing flights , Shanghai flights , Guangzhou flights and Sanya flights as well. We cooprerate with the local air tickets offices, please e-mail us for special discounted airfares, flights booking at special rates, cheapest airfare, discount airfare, cheap tickets, cheap flights and other hot deals.

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Air Carrier Name Codes (Sorted by 2-char abbreviation)
CZ South China Airlines   CA Air China                   HU Hainan Airlines
9C Spring Airlines             HO Juneyao Airlines      FM Shanghai Airlines
MU Eastern Airlines          ZH Shenzhen Airlines     KA Dragon Airlines
JD Japan Airlines              3U Sichuan Airlines        G5 Enkor Airlines
MF Xiamen Airlines

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  Global SanyaGlobal Sanya`

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