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Sanya International Performance

Las Vegas original song and dance show

Show Time: 20:30-21:40

Venue: Beauty Crown Grand Theatre

for ticket booking, please send email to

or call Sunny at 13617519978

After a series of reconstruction projects, a new Beauty Crown Culture Centre came into service for the public in Sanya.

The Beauty Crown Culture Centre has been upgraded and renamed as the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre, With elegant and classic European decoration style of the interiors,the hall is integrated with a golden ceiling with rows of neat European-style chairs. There are 30 VIP rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors for audiences to enjoy the performances.

"The beauty crown" dance shows mainly by MGM team, whom has a successful performance in Las Vegas for years, moreover, the Group contain the Russia's art group, the Cuban Havana national art group, the Chinese acrobatic troupe and the world famous art team and so on.

The dancers who are from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Nigeria and other countries as well. they owned the international standard of professional skill, devotion to offer a authentic large Las Vegas original song and dance show, Joining them, you will find yourself the happiness life here.

program list:



Take photos


The power of love


Beauty and beast


Future warships


The moon represents my heart


Lust in the water


Joyful Song


My heart will go on 


Walk in the sky




Night of passion


Sexy stunt


Forever beauty crown




Take photos

15 terms of the total performance

the show time: 20:30--21:40pm,

In additon, the newly reconstructed Beauty Crown will provide a variety of delicate Chinese cuisines for audiences while they are enjoying the wonderful performance,

The overall upgrade of Sanya Beauty Crown is of great significance for Sanya’s tourism industry, and will greatly enrich the cultural life of locals as well as bring an entertainment feast for tourists.

Russian Beauty
Cuban Beauties
The Gorgeous ourdoor scene
tap dance
Sexy stunt

Entrance Tickets:

1、VIP:Rack rate RMB380,Group RMB350,
2、Guest:Rack rate RMB280 group rate RMB220,

Beauty & Beast

For tickets booking, please call Sunny at 86-898-38281779 or reach her by mobile phone: 86-13617519978, she will deliver the tickets to your place.

The Most Famous Ladyboy Show in Sanya

To give the guests passion and surprise, Sanya Guoxi Hotel have specially invited a number of exotic "Hot Stars" and top-level sex-changers from China to join them. Through unsophisticated organizing and professional direction, the sex-changers, staged together with "Comical Er'renzhuan", the state-of-the-art Sichuan Opera "Two Men in Changing Masks" and Acrobatics of all kinds, hosted by top master, will surely give you an experience you ever have.

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