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Pearl Culture Hainan
the symbol of dignity and purity

A saying is that there are five kings and one queen among all gems. The Kings are diamond, carbuncle, scroll the mouse-wheel to change the view scale, click the left mouse button to maximize the view scalesapphire , emerald and chrysoberyl, while the queen is pearl . Always considered to be the supreme treasure, pearl is wonderful aggregation of lives. She is a symbol of purity , perfect, dignity and power.
The pearl histories of world countries are as profound as their cultures, of which China is the most outstanding. The long history of pearl and its use in ornaments, medicine and beauty industry is full of unique Chinese wisdom and culture. Now , China , as the world biggest pearl producer, stands for more than 90% of the global pearl output. Hainan Pearl, a prosperous as early as Qin Dynasty. In 110 B.C., Emperor Hanwu set up Pearl Shire in Hainan due to its abundant pearl production. In modern Chinese pearl history, Sanya occupies a unique position.
Jinrun Pearl Museum is the first pearl museum in China. It presents an entire history of pearl, its culture, formation, cultivation, processing, recognition and appreciation as well as its medical and health care functions, I am convinced that Jingrun Pearl Museum will play an active role in passing Chinese pearl culture and promoting pearl knowledge.

Brief introduction of Hainan Jingrun Pearl Museum

 scroll the mouse-wheel to change the view scale, click the left mouse button to maximize the view scaleHainan Jingrun Pearl Museum, approved by the People’s Government of Sanya City, Was established as the first pearl museum in China by Hainan Jingrun Group Co. with the investment of RMB50million, It is also one of the famous cultural tourism spots in Sanya, with an area of 38 mu, The museum consists of six parts, which are Pear History and Culture; Pearl Formation, Cultivation and Processing; Pearl Jewelry Arts and Crafts; Pearl Recognition; Pear Fashion and Ornament Evolution; Pearl for Medicinal Use, Health Preservation and Healthcare. All these are presented with text, photos, objects or samples, micro model scene, simulated wax image etc, supplemented with modern technology as sound, light and electricity, which let visitors hear, feel just like experience the scene personally. One of the highlights is the extraordinarily simulated micro models of various scenes, which could make vistors vividly understand the whole process of how pearls are cultivated and processed. Another highlight is the wax image of Empress Dowager Ci Xi, who owned the most pearl masterworks in Chinese history, and the wax image of Princess Diana, who wore pearl jewelryof the highest class in the word. Thus visitors could feel the pearl culture and history audio-visually.

Additionally, there is an extra-large exhibition hall of 2500㎡, displaying series of pearl products. Here the products are rich in varieties. Thousands of individualized and fashionable pearl jewelry at rational price provide you the best appreciation and shopping place for pearl products.
Chinese pearl culture has a long history. It is part of Chinese several-thousand-year-old splendid culture. The Chinese knowledge and utilization in pearl follows the particular aesthetics and tradition of the nation. The museum has become the ideal place for tourists from domestic or abroad as well as city residents to understand the pearl culture in the world, China and Hainan from various levels and perspectives. Thefeatures of culture, popular scinece, appreciation and innovation together make the museum very unique. The President of Chamber of commerce for Jewelry & Precious Metals Industry of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce. Mr.Wan Zikun has agreeably written the foreword for the museum.
"Let the beauty pearl brighten up in here; let the pearl culture spread out from here."
There are more than 5 pearl museums in Sanya City, for pearl aprreciation, please contact Mr. Leung at 0898-88986595, or call Ms. Sunny at 1361751978 at any time of the day. For shopping info, please click:
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